Hello Everyone,


The University of Ottawa is requesting your help.

Because our research is ongoing, I would like to inform you of another study conducted by our research team (part of my doctoral dissertation) whose results will have the potential to help us understand why some athletes persist while others give up and why some talented athletes fail to reach higher levels while others, who may be initially less skilled, eventually succeed. Once again, we are hoping you will assist us with participant recruitment. We are currently looking for participants (this time, athletes aged 13-29 from all competitive levels) for a novel and national study that aims to understand how athletes’ personality influences their approach to training, their perseverance despite challenges, and ultimately their athletic achievements.
This study consists of a single 15-20 minute anonymous and online questionnaire. Athletes will be asked questions about their skill level, highest achievements, sport aspirations, amount of weekly practice, and personality characteristics.

Results from this study will be useful for both coaches and athletes. Specifically, these results will identify the personality characteristics that allow athletes to persist through challenges in their development toward expertise and will highlight which personality characteristics are linked to greater achievement in sport. These findings can be used to inform coaches about identifying athletes who are likely to train harder and longer. In addition, this study might stimulate athletes’ reflection toward their athletic aspirations and may help increase coaches’ ability to understand and relate to each individual athlete. Upon completion of the study, we would gladly share these pertinent results with you at your request. To thank athletes for participating, we are offering all participants the chance to enter their name in a draw to win one of five gift card prizes from a sport retail store worth $50 each.

If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them.

Please note that our study is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and that it has been approved by the University of Ottawa research ethics board.
I really appreciate your attention and help and I look forward to collaborating with you once again!

Survey link: http://uottawa.fluidsurveys.com/s/personality-and-athlete-expertise/

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Rafael A. B. Tedesqui
PhD candidate
School of Human Kinetics

University of Ottawa
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