Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Families,


We are beginning to emerge from the understandable restrictions our sport has faced due to the global Coronavirus pandemic. As we move towards a thoughtful, staged return to play, please be assured that Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club will adhere to the measures required by the Provincial Health Authority and our Provincial and National Sport Associations.


Our club will work closely with our partners in the Eastern Ontario District to provide the following specific risk mitigations:

  • Screen staff and volunteers for COVID-19 symptoms, and prohibit entry to anyone who is sick or symptomatic;
  • Control entrance and exit to the field to ensure that staff, volunteers and players enter and leave from different areas;
  • Wear masks if there is any expectation of being within 2 meters of players;
  • Train staff and volunteers on hygiene and sanitation, and schedule regular cleaning of all surfaces and equipment touched by staff, volunteers and players;
  • Reduce opportunities for surfaces to be touched, the Hotspurs office will be closed except by appointment;
  • Employ a cleaning log, and track the inventory of gloves, masks and supplies (restocking when thresholds are reached);
  • Place appropriate signage around the outdoor premises (prominently at entry point), outlining policies and procedures including:
    • Instructions for people who should NOT attend training,
    • Physical distancing expectations,
    • Hand hygiene,
    • Coughing and sneezing etiquette,
    • Cleaning and disinfection practices,
    • Play etiquette (e.g. no handshaking or loitering).

While we have all missed the camaraderie of our soccer community, however until we move to stage two of the return to play plan we will enforce a simple message: “get on the field, train, and leave” – lingering will not be allowed.  Parents will be expected to remain on the sidelines and respect social distancing while watching their players practice, additional guests beyond immediate family will be discouraged.

Our Staff will organize and manage the training areas using these protocols:

  • Schedule training sessions to ensure there is sufficient time to clear the practice pitches before the next group(s) arrive;
  • Meet players in the designated arrival area;
  • Limit group size as per City of Ottawa guidelines, and whenever possible, exceed the spacing of players and groups to ensure ample physical distancing is maintained;
  • Team managers are to Track all player attendance to allow contact tracing, if required;
  • Instruct players to clean hands with hand sanitizer immediately before and after training, and during scheduled breaks in the practice, players will be expected to have hand sanitizer in their kit;
  • Prohibit spitting;
  • Prescribe a marked area in which players leave their bag / backpack, water bottles and personal hand sanitizer – players are not permitted to share any personal belongings;
  • Designate a Club Representative to function as a Field Marshal, tasked with upholding standards around the venue.

Insurance requires that all players register with Nepean Hotspurs through the Club on-line registration system (Power Up). A new registration product for the training phase of the return to play plan will be available.  Registration for this product will include the new COVID-19 waiver.

With respect to fees, rather than a traditional start-of-season registration fee, we are employing a phased approach with fees determined for each phase of the opening. This will allow us to be flexible and nimble as we navigate the phased-in return-to-play, as well as reduce the financial burden on families during these difficult times.

For families who paid a fee for our recreational program (LKP) – that credit will carry forward. A more detailed explanation will be sent to you separately. Thank you for your patience and support.

The Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club’s priority is to safeguard the health and well-being of our membership; while the uncertainty of COVID-19 has brought immeasurable changes to our lives, we hope that a safe, cautious return to sport will help rebuild our community and create the connectedness our children desperately miss.

Best regards,

Dave Holder


Nepean Hotspurs