As an action item from the 2019 AGM held on December 15th 2019, the Nepean Hotspurs will be creating a parents advisory group to improve communication between the club and the respective parents as well as providing the opportunity for parents across the various teams to engage in a cohesive manner to share ideas, observations and feedback with the club.


The first meeting is scheduled for January 12th 2020 at 1:30pm-3:00pm (location to be determined).  The club encourages all teams to send at least one representatives (note: there are no limits to the number of participants).

Prior to the first meeting, participants will be asked via email to share a top five list of ideas/concerns they would like to see actioned.  


The first meeting will have following objectives;

1.      Define mandate of advisory group.  What do we want to accomplish.

2.      Identify core group members (2-3 parents preferred).  Core members are anticipated to take a leadership role within the advisory group.

3.      Consolidate action items collected and prioritize this list.   Prioritization will include and differentiate short term and longer term items.

There will be a follow-up meeting with Nepean Hotspurs Board members on Jan 19th @ 3:00pm (location to be determined) to discuss the list of action items.


Please email André Maragh ( to request inclusion in this advisory group.  Please provide him your team name in your email.   André will be facilitating the launch of the advisory group.