Don’t forget to register for I’m a Coach- Now What?  – Understanding Your Legal Obligations – the third webinar of the Ottawa Sport Council series- March 25 – NOON 

Hosted by the Ottawa Sport Council, the webinar series has been created based on feedback from local sport organizations. The webinars provide an opportunity for community sporting organizations to increase their knowledge in areas such as athlete nutrition, legal issues, social media tips and the how and why to host successful local sporting events.

I’m a Coach- Now What?  – Understanding Your Legal Obligations will be presented by Steven Indig.

This session will focus on the legal duty of coaches. The presenters will explain what Canadian statutes and common law say about the coach’s standard of care, using case law examples. The session will discuss legal and ethical issues arising from the coach-participant relationship, and participants will learn about strategies, such as screening, to be used by organizations to ensure this duty is fulfilled. Participants will gain a better understanding of the inherent power in the coach-athlete relationship and will be better equipped to exercise this power with the utmost care. Furthermore, participants will learn about the legal requirements of screening and screening policies.

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