Please see the message provided by the EODSA:


Dear Members,

As some Clubs have entered or are close to entering Phase 1 and some are already preparing for Phase 2, the EODSA has spoken with Ontario Soccer and wanted to provide a reminder and update regarding Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 1 – Reminder

  1. Remember that Phase 1 is modified training. That means individual training only with players at least 2M (6ft) apart. There is no contact between players. There are no group drills or games.
  2.  Ontario Soccer has sent out and posted FAQ #6 to answer some questions that have come up regarding Phase 1. I2020-073 – FAQ 6 – July 6th, 202.pdf

iii.  All Local Public Health and Facility restrictions must also be adhered to when arriving at the facility for training.

Phase 2 – Update for Planning (for more information, click here)

  1. Modified Games between teams and players registered within the same Club can begin in Phase 2. This includes Clubs operating their Club House League that has been approved in their Club Terms of League Operations (TOLO) as part of the membership renewal process.
  2. These Modified Games can be played in different formats up to a maximum of 7v7. Game formats of 9v9 or 11v11 are not permitted in Phase 2.

iii.  These Modified Games also include adjustments to the Laws of the Game during Phase 2. Please review the attached document for details regarding adjustments to Heading of the Ball, Corner Kicks, Kick-ins, Coin Toss and Walls etc. Make sure your teams, players and match officials are all aware of the adjustments. (This is included in the Return to Play Document).

  1. As these Modified Games will have rule adjustments that will take teams, players, and referees time to get familiar with, there will also be no standings kept for Club House League play during Phase 2. This will assist in ensuring everyone is adhering to the rule adjustments and keeping the competition level safe for all participants.

  1. All Local Public Health and Facility restrictions must also be adhered to when arriving at the facility for games.

If Clubs have an approved TOLO with 11v11 divisions already, they are permitted to operate divisions up to a maximum of 7v7 in Phase 2. If a Club wants to update their TOLO to add a new division not already approved, they need to send the request to the EODSA with the updated TOLO.

We hope Phase 1 has been going well for Clubs so far. It is great to see players back on the pitch!