Friendship Tournament and Foti Memorial Festival Invitation


Girls U13-17 and Boys U13-17 Inter-Provincial Competitive

Mini Soccer Festival Boys U9 and U10

The Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club invites you to participate in its 22nd Annual Friendship Tournament (U13- U17) and in the 1st Annual Alex and Mary Foti Memorial (Boys U 9-10) Mini Soccer Festival to be held June 11-12, 2016 in Ottawa (Nepean), Ontario.

As an Inter-Provincial Competitive Tournament we are offering Under 13 to 17 boys and girls age groups.  Some age groups offer 3 levels of competition a “regional” and two “district competitive” levels. Other age groups offer two “district competitive” levels.  All games will be played at the Ben Franklin Park or the Charmaine Hooper fields in Nepean.  Teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 games with finals and runner-ups in all divisions.  Division Champions and Finalists receive gold and silver medals while runner-ups play for the bronze.  As a traditional tournament with three rounds and finals we offer a great value for teams looking for an early season challenge.

As an Inter-District Development Outdoor Festival we are offering Boys U-9 and U-10 divisions, a non-eliminatory scheduling format will be followed. The U-9s and U-10s will play three games on Saturday, June 11.  

Festival and Tournament Divisions
Age Group Year of Birth
Under-9  (Mini Soccer – 7-a-side) Boys – Born in 2007
Under-10 (Mini Soccer – 7-a-side) Boys – Born in 2006
Under 13 Born on or after January 1, 2003
Under 14 Born on or after January 1, 2002
Under 15 Born on or after January 1, 2001
Under 16 Born on or after January 1, 2000
Under 17 Born on or after January 1, 1999

The maximum numbers of players who can be registered, dressed and play per team are as follows:  U13 to U17 – 18 registered and 18 playing.  U13 to U17 players may be registered on and play for only one team and in only one age group in the Icebreaker; U9 and U10 – teams may dress and play as many as 12 players for any one game.

All teams outside the EODSA taking part in the Festival must provide written proof of permission from its Association to participate.

Out of District teams require a Travel Permit approved by their District or Provincial Associations, Leagues, or Federations and must be covered by a valid medical and liability insurance (Teams must carry and supply, no later than seven (7) days before the tournament, a valid and authenticated proof of insurance – injury and liability – before or while participating in the tournament).  Teams must also carry and produce their official players’ registration books/cards.  Teams must provide an “Approval Confirmation Receipt” if their Travel Permit is approved online OR the original Approved Permit stamped and signed by their District 7 days prior to the start of the tournament.


The Entry Fees are $225 for U-9 and U-10 teams; $440 for U-13 to U-17 teams.

The closing date for applications is May 23, 2016.  Teams withdrawing before midnight, June 1, 2016 will forfeit half of their entry fee.  Teams will forfeit the entire entry fee if they withdraw after midnight, June 1, 2016.

Cheque or money order, should be made payable to “Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club”.  Cheques or money orders must be dated no later than May 23, 2016.  In the event that the tournament is cancelled in its entirety, the Nepean Hotspurs SC will refund each team its entry fee.

Coaches and/or managers will receive confirmation of their team’s acceptance and other information by email.  Information regarding the tournament will be posted on the Hotspurs website

If your Club is interested in entering multiple teams in the tournament please contact the tournament coordinator for information on our group rates. For additional information, please contact the Tournament Coordinator at

Tournament Coordinator

Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club

6-200 Colonnade Rd South

Nepean, Ontario K2E 7M1

Telephone: 613-723-5762

Fax: 613-2249731