Over the last two weeks players from across Ontario traveled to Toronto for the Provincial Screening Weekend Competition, and to be scouted by both the OSA technical staff and OPDL technical staff in an 11v11 game environment over two games of sixty minutes each. Players would be competing against other identified OPDL players.

Identified players will have the opportunity to be chosen to return to another Provincial Programs Screening Weekend(s).

The Hotspurs were very pleased to have seven players chosen, and another six or seven players that were extremely close to being chosen – I’m sure we will see these numbers double for the 2016 season.

Although we are very proud and impressed with the hard work and dedication of these players, we would also like to take moment to thank all of their coaches: Duane, Dave, Kingsley, Alysha, Adam, Lauren, Nikola, Lars, and Boris.

Way to go Hotspurs!



OPDL Boys U13 Identified Players

Mohamed Mhemed

Mo joined the program in February 2015 as a very aggressive left footer with a wealth of raw talent. He has shown tremendous growth and progressed well in his development in a very short period of time with the Hotspurs. His success is based on his competitive spirit and dedication to becoming a great soccer player.

Cafu Siriphongphanh

Cafu has been with Hotspurs since u10 and his talent has no limits to be become a great soccer player in the future.  Cafu has good technical skills, a great attitude, and a business-like approach to the game. We are very enthused with Cafu’s progress and his projected growth.

Lukas Kossivas

Lukas came to our program in January 2015 and since he has battled through a some injuries and continued his progress on a weekly basis.  He plays and practices with a great attitude, and approaches the game with great zeal.

OPDL Boys U14 Identified Players

Left to Right: Malcolm Barker-Mazet, Coach Nikola, Ailucky Tembo, Aleksa Brkljaca.

Malcolm Barker-Mazet

Malcolm joined the OPDL program back in March, and he already shows progress in his development in a very short period of time. His commitment and dedication  to soccer is amazing, and it is a pleasure to have him around and be part of his progress.

Ailucky Tembo

Ailucky came to our program in June 2014 and has since progressed on a weekly bases, as hard working player with a great attitude, great ability to learn, and commitment to the game (and team).

Aleksa Brkljaca

Aleksa has been with Hotspurs since he was 6 and is progressing at the right pace year after year, and his talent has no limits to become a great soccer player in the future, while also possessing good technical skills.

OPDL Girls U14 Identified Players

Ryann Harrington w/ Coach Kingsley

Two years ago, Ryann made the decision to leave her Tier 2 team in pursuit of developing her soccer skills to a higher level. She took a giant leap to join our OPDL team and instantaneously demonstrated strong skills both as a player and as a person, taking on a Captain’s role. Ryann has worked extremely hard over the past few years proving not only to spectators, but most importantly to herself, that she made the right choice to step out of her comfort level and pursue a greater challenge. Her hardwork, passion and determination are second to none!