The Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club (NHSC) believes in developing its players to their fullest by providing high quality soccer training enriched with diverse and rewarding experiences. On Saturday, July 25th, 2015, the NHSC had the pleasure of partnering with the uOttawa GeeGees Women Soccer Team to provide players on the Nepean Hotspurs Wildcats G11 and Nepean Hotspurs Rockets G12 teams with hands on peer coaching. Players benefited from individualized training and were inspired and motivated by techniques and skills taught. Several valuable life lessons were also learned along the way: “be true to yourself”; “focus on what you do best”; “learn from your mistakes”; “have goals”; “believe in yourself”; and “have faith in your abilities”. The benefits of this specialized training were endless and players were grateful for the opportunity. A day that all will surely not forgot!


Many thanks to uOttawa GeeGee Pilar Khoury (#33 – Forward) for her help in organizing this wonderful event, as well as to the following teammates for dedicating their time and reaching out to the NHSC community:

  • Morgan McNeil (#2 – Midfield)
  • Victoria Marchand (#21 – Forward)
  • Anika Littlemore (#15 – Defender)
  • Kayla Da Costa-Pacheo (#3 – Defender)
  • Thea Nour (#4 – Midfield)
  • Brigit Desjardins (#16 – Defender)


In the words of uOttawa GeeGee Morgan McNeil:

“Overall it was an enriching and successful experience. The coaches were great and very supportive. They provided us with equipment, sat back and allowed us to run the session. The girls were enthusiastic and a pleasure to be around. We are happy to be able to promote the women’s game at the university level and hopefully inspire these girls to continue playing but more importantly we are thankful for the opportunity to give back to local clubs that helped bread many of our players and who continue to do so! We wish the Nepean Hotspurs girls nothing but the best with the rest of their seasons. Thank you to the Nepean Hotspurs club and coaches for the hospitality and great experience!”