The Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages invited one of the Hotspurs’ female teams to to attend the televised Canada Day Noon Show in the reserved area on Parliament Hill on July 1.
The Nepean Hotspurs Fusion GU16 team was given a once in a life time opportunity to attend the Canada Day noon time show on Parliament Hill.  Not truly knowing what to expect, team Fusion was seated front row for the show, a mere 50 feet away from the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, Shelly Glover, the Governor General and the Prime Minister!  A great time was had by all and a day none of the girls will ever forget!  Thanks to all involved.
A play-by-play of the event from Coach Phil:
We arrived by bus, found the check in, got our VIP bracelets, we’re brought to our seats (the early birds got the worm….front row).  The VIP section filled up, we were on camera numerous times, we waited for the PM, GG and other dignitaries to arrive, the show began with the national anthem, numerous musical acts, speeches by the PM, GG and Shelly Glover.  Following the show we were asked to stay back for a meet and greet with Shelly Glover who proceeded to tell us she is an avid soccer fan, player, coach and referee and insisted she have a few soccer teams in the VIP seats.  Following a professional photograph with her (and a few girls taking a few selfies) we left and found our bus just as the skies opened up.  All in all, the girls and and a few of us parents thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.
The girls also got to have photos with the band Magic and Kiesza which was also a highlight!