The Nepean Hotspurs Goalkeepers Program provides goalkeepers with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals required to be top class goalkeepers. The Program focuses on developing goalkeepers to be an active player on the field of play by introducing activities and techniques necessary to make them an asset to the team.

Each keeper will be evaluated on an ongoing basis throughout the training, with the goal to help each player reach their highest potential.  The Program is available to all of our competitive goalkeepers through their teams, please email manager@nepeanhotspurs.ca

Junior Level – U9 to U12

The Junior Level will focus on working the keepers through the various fundamental activities, making the sessions enjoyable yet demanding. Each session includes work on individual goalkeeper’s technique and work within team structure and team play.

 Goalkeepers Program begins with the basics of goalkeeper training which include:

  • Proper positioning
  • Proper hand placement when catching a ball
  • Proper body positioning when receiving a ball, straight on, on the ground and in the air
  • Proper foot techniques when receiving and delivering a ball with both feet
  • Diving fundamentals
  • One vs. One
  • Dead ball situations
  • Throwing techniques
  • Punting techniques

Senior Level  – U13 to U18

The Senior Level of the Nepean Hotspurs Goalkeepers Program builds on the solid foundation of the Junior Level Goalkeepers Program.  The Senior level training includes:

  • Attacking the ball
  • Increased Fitness
  • Game tactics
  • Defensive distribution
  • Work ethic