Program Design

  • The Nepean Hotspurs Top Gun Training Program is an advanced soccer training program for youth players with serious commitment to developing their soccer skills.
  • Top Gun includes ten training sessions, once a week from June to August with the Club’s Technical Director Boris Bajagic, CSA “A” Licensed Coach.
  • Top Gun is mandatory for U13 to U16 Regional (Premier) teams and optional for District Competitive C1 teams.
  • Top Gun is highly recommended for U9 to U12 Premier Teams and optional for District Development D1 teams.
  • Ongoing evaluation of participant progress will be provided orally during the program and a written evaluation will be provided at the conclusion of the sessions if desired by the parent/player.
  • Team goalkeepers are included in the training sessions and are coached on game related topics only.

Program Description

The Program is designed according to Ontario Soccer’s and CSA’s LTPD (Long Term Player Development) model which is player-centered. The program emphasizes the “Four Corners of Player Development” which focuses on the development of a player’s physical, technical, social and psychological skills, necessary for successful performance and competition (self-reliance).

In order to ensure consistency and continuity in the training provided by team coaches with the Top Gun curriculum, team head coaches are required to attend and actively observe the Top Gun sessions as part of their coach development plan. The Top Gun program follows the GAG (Game-Activity-Game) methodology as well as the contents of Ontario Soccer Provincial C and Provincial B license courses to provide Hotspurs coaches with exposure to the coaching skills and techniques they will need to improve their coaching ability.

Program Curriculum

Top Gun sessions include:

G – WARM UP – Four Stages

  • Continuous movement, dynamic stretching, neural exercises, and technical preparation through introductory game


  • Handling the ball: receiving the ball under pressure, one touch pass, long and short pass, shooting and finishing techniques, dribbling to beat opponent, individual defending
  • Attacking and defending in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 situations
  • Agility and coordination with ball, body control when in ball possession
  • Turning with ball, changing direction, strength and techniques for shielding the ball, tackling

G- FINAL GAME – Functional Sessions – Principles of Play

  • Movements off the ball
  • Marking/pressing, advance marking and covering the space
  • Playing under pressure, changing tempo, possession play
  • Composure, confidence, attitude and awareness of the game
  • Positive ball movement
  • Attacking Principles of Play: Dispersal, Mobility, Support, Improvisation, Penetration
  • Defending Principles of Play: Compactness, Balance, Patience, Delay, Depth

Program Schedule

Top Gun training sessions normally take place from Monday to Friday between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Top Gun Session schedules are coordinated with the teams practice and game schedule.