Competitive Tryouts & Pre-Season Training

Competitive Fall Training


The Club’s will be offering a seven week program from Sep 19-Oct 31 on
Saturday.  Sessions will be a combination of practice and intra club games.

The fall training sessions will be in lieu of tryouts that have
traditionally taken place in the past. Registration for this program is
open now through your PowerUp account or if you’re new to the Hotspurs please click here to set up your PowerUp account.

The registration fees for U13-U18 will be $140 and for U9-U12 $150 which include $10 fee for club goalie training.

Please note other costs such as Coaches fees, team snap and other will be paid from Team

Training Schedule

  CH East CH Centre CH West Colonade North Colonade West Raoul Wallenberg West
Reserved for LKP
BU10 (Boys U10 will start at 11:30AM on Sep 19 & 26
GU10-11 (No Sat Sessions till Oct 3
GU9 (No Sat Sessions till Oct 3)

BU17-18 will train on Sundays from 4-6PM at Ben Franklin 2

The club will allow teams to have additional training either on fields (at earlier times) or in the dome (at the teams own cost) and these additional sessions will be coordinated by the coach on a team by team basis.

To attend weekday sessions for the GU8-11 program in September email

Goalkeeper Training Schedule (Sessions will run from Oct 6-28th)

Competitive Coaches

Division Coach Division Coach
BU8 Faisal Pur GU8 Manel Oudjida/Charifa Labarang
BU9 Adnan Paputcu GU9 Manel Oudjida/Charifa Labarang
BU10 Jimmy Tedesco/Angelina Crombie GU10 Manel Oudjida/Charifa Labarang
BU11 Adnan Paputcu GU11 Manel Oudjida/Charifa Labarang
BU12 Andre Maragh GU12 Angelina Crombie/Joanna Lynch
BU12 Darek Gondor GU13 Angelina Crombie/Joanna Lynch
BU12 Segun Akinlolu GU14 Duane Barker
BU13 Duane Barker GU15 Duane Barker
BU14 Benedetto Di Bartolo    
BU15 Milan Uzelac    
BU17 Sergio Alvarez    



  • Seasonal Schedule:

    • Summer Training will begin in late March early April and run until the middle of September. Teams will train 1-2 evenings per week priot to the fields being open. March and April training will take place at the Ben Franklin Dome and Local Gyms. Fields for practices will be assigned at a later date.

    • Winter Leagues – Schedule information will be available on the following websites closer to the start dates.

  • If you miss the fall competitive training and would like to still tryout for competitive teams, please email for more information.

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