Is there anyone more passionate in the world of sports than a soccer enthusiast? And, if you coach youth soccer, you likely have a deep and abiding love for the game. You also want your players to love the game, have fun, and hopefully achieve some “success”.

For you, success means far more than wins and losses. Certainly, you want to win, as any competitive person—young or old, coach, player or parent—generally wants to win, even in “youth” sports. But, beyond that, you really do aspire to help build character in the young people in your care, and to build a team that plays hard and tough, but fair.

So, if you have the responsibility for selecting players for your all-star, select, or “rep” team, what are you looking for as you build this competitive young team?

Players with talent are indeed desired.

Young athletes with a passion for soccer are absolutely desired.

However, if you really want to have a “successful” team of young players, based on the above criteria, you will need to find true ‘”team’” players.

What are you looking for? What is a true “team” player in youth sports?

True team players may not always be the most talented or naturally gifted players, but they make your team better by their sheer presence. The poor team player has an attitude that can spread like a disease, and over time can kill the harmony and chemistry that is often critically important in helping you attain the positive goals you have set out for your young squad.

To be continued….


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