Our Club’s Head Coach (CHC), Boris Bajagic, will be creating a series of blog entries that will cover a variety of soccer-related topics, including but not limited to: The Long Term Player Development (LTPD), coaching tips, and do’s and don’ts of coaching.

Boris is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable coach, as he earned the highest coaching honors with his National “A” license in 2007. Furthermore, Boris is also the only Master Learning Facilitator (MLF) in Eastern Ontario, which has aided the Hotspurs in producing one of the best coach and player development programs in the Ottawa area. As the MLF, Boris evaluates Provincial B and Pre-B license courses, and is also on the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) for the Ontario Soccer Association’s (OSA). Boris has coached around the world, including Europe, South-East Asia, and North America.

Feel free to contact Boris and discuss any soccer-related issues that interest or puzzle you.

In every game or practice, the coach’s aim should be to teach the players dominance, in terms of ball possession, movement, and control. It is about teaching the players how to adopt and learn positions involved in the transition between defense and offense.

The above principles are actually some of the easiest to coach, as they don’t require complex instruction. Rather, coaches desire players willing to ‘know a role before playing it’. And, for that to be effective, coaches must instil and reinforce to their players the understanding of what it is to be with and without possession of the ball. Consequently, that knowledge fits in with the desired coaching principles, and the overall philosophy, to produce a group of intelligent, capable soccer players who can anticipate situations quicker and react more efficiently than their opponents. All of this starts with short passing into the feet of the player next to you. What could be simpler?”