Coach Mentorship Program

    The Nepean Hotspurs are pleased to offer a coach mentorship program with Boris Bajagic, CSA A Licensed Coach, Ontario Soccer Master Coach Developer, Ontario Soccer Master Learning Facilitator and Evaluator.

    The program is geared towards those coaches seeking their Ontario Soccer C License, B License and National B License. We also help mentor those individuals that are just starting out in their coaching careers.

    The methodology and principle of coaching during the Mentorship Program sessions will be centered around GAG (Game-Activity-Game) methodology with focus on audio, visual, and kinesthetic interventions during: 

    1. Technical Practice: Is an unopposed practice with an emphasis on the development of a game technique. Challenges to the development of the technique may be gradually introduced and will be in the form of increased or decreased time, space, objective or degree of difficulty depending on the rate of improvement in the players’ performance.
    1. Skill Practice: Is an opposed practice with an emphasis on developing the relationship of technique and decision making. The practice contains the objectives for all players which are derived from the technical theme being trained.  Appropriate areas, the number of players involved, and the imposed “conditions” will vary around the skill theme being developed.
    1. Functional Practice: Is a practice situation where a player or a small group of players develops an understanding of their attacking and/or defending roles, responsibilities and accompanying skills. Primary and secondary players’ development understanding of their role is part of the practice.
    1. Phase of Play: Is developing a group, unit and team tactical understanding of the game.
    1. 9v9 and 11v11 game sessions: is the final progression in the practice utilized to develop team tactical understanding, understanding of player role, and responsibility in attacking and/or defending situations.

    For more information, please contact Boris Bajagic at