Our Competitive Coaches

The Nepean Hotspurs have assembled a great Technical Team supported by highly qualified and motivated Team Head Coaches who ensure that players at all ages are provided with every opportunity to develop their skills in a safe and professional environment. Click to see a full list of the current Summer Coaches and Winter Coaches.

National A License

Boris Bajagic – Club Technical Director OSA Master Learning Facilitator & Evaluator Member of OSA Technical Advisory Council chc@nepeanhotspurs.ca twitter.com/chchotspurs

Boris has forty five years of soccer experience in variety of duties: Professional soccer player, coach, instructor, learning facilitator, evaluator, consultant, Technical Director, and international soccer statistician. Actively working at all levels of soccer development in different parts of the world, Boris spent thirty years of active work and training in youth development programs in Yugoslavia, Malaysia, South-East Asia, and Canada; whereby, he emphasized on development in both junior and senior levels. He has a vast experience in soccer management in both professional and amateur level with successful work within both professional and community soccer clubs. Specializing in youth soccer development process and procedures in all youth age groups (U8 – U18), Boris is also an Ontario Soccer Master Learning Facilitator for the last 12 years delivering courses in relation to LTPD programs. Boris has mentored and evaluated more than 50 Ottawa region coaches for their Provincial B and pre-B examinations. Boris also has considerable experience in coaching competitive teams in Canada, including semi-pro teams (FC Wizard, Ottawa), and various Hotspurs’ OYSL teams over the years. Boris is an Ontario Soccer OPDL Scout and Coach Assessor. Boris is also a member of the International Soccer Statisticians and Historians, who have published numerous articles related to the history of soccer. Notably, is the highly acclaimed “Tactical Evolution of Soccer Game, form Scottish Dribbling Game to Football Modern Systems of Play”, Ottawa, June 2006.

National B License

Duane Barker – coachduane.hotspurs@gmail.com

Dalibor Rajkovic – rdalibor@yahoo.com

Provincial B License

Adnan Paputcu – apaputcu@gustopastry.com

Urbain Some – urbain@planetsocceracademy.com  

Provincial C License

 Fawn Mulholland

Provincial C Trained

Milan Uzelac – milan.uzelac@hotmail.com  

Provincial Pre-B

Jimmy Tedesco – coachjimmy.hotspurs@gmail.com

Rocco Barresi – director.youth@nepeanhotspurs.ca

Soccer for Life

Manel Oudjida – o.manel17@hotmail.com

Bob Tipple- bob.tipple@gmail.com

Francis Onyalo – fonysh@hotmail.com

Paul Tanasi – ptanasi@gmail.com


Learn to Train

Andre Maragh – acmaragh@gmail.com Segun Akinlolu Marco Dinardo Benny Di Bartolo Angelina Crombie Darek Gondor George Logaras Joanna Lynch (In Process)