Who are the Rockets?

In simple terms, the word “rocket” refers to an object with great strength, force and thrust, and many would agree that these qualities can equally be used to describe the Nepean Hotspurs G12 Rockets. A team of highly energized young girls, empowered by inner strength, inspired by their appreciation of the game, and determined to be the best they can be.

The Rockets are easily recognized as one of the finest soccer teams in the Ottawa Region, due in large part to quality coaching. Under the direction of Coach Jimmy Tedesco, the team’s coaching staff tailors their professional training program to each player’s needs, resulting in excellence on the soccer pitch. The key to long term player development is motivation. Collaboration and teamwork reflect the team’s guiding principle whereby each player is personally challenged to train harder and play stronger in support of their team. The Rockets have proven time and time again that through dedication and perseverance, success is always attainable.

Remember, it is not whether you win or lose, but it’s how you play the game…and the Rockets should be proud of their accomplishments to date.


Who are the Rocket - GU12 #2

Back row: Sara, Isabella, Athena, Amanda, Adrienne, Ella, Maria

Front row: Sophie, Sydney, Emma, Emma, Ally, Olivia

Missing: Mara, Sophie