Hotspurs Ontario Cup Winners, with Coach Adam Knight, from a few years back!

Erin Wilson – Acadia
Megan Normoyle – Carleton U
Brittany Burke – Sir Wilfred Laurier
Laura Callendar – Queens U
Nicole Middleton – Concordia U
Abby Nicastro – Carleton U
Alyssa Capon – University of West Virginia Tech
Sam Disipio – Algonquin College
Vanessa MacMillan – Ottawa U
Rada Minchev – Carleton U
Katie Glatt

The celebratory pose was called the “Tim Tebow” and was 100% the girls!

The ladies beat their arch rivals Pickering whom they battled for 4 years and finally beat them 2-1 to win the U17 Indoor Cup.