“It starts with 3 tryout sessions in a cold soccer dome in late February. From a group of 40 potential players, a roster of 12 is set for what will be the first edition of the 2006 Boys Under 9 Tier 1 competitive team. The Nepean Hotspurs Young Stars, coached by Junior Peters, are learning every time they hit the soccer pitch. Practices often go into overtime. Not because the coach demands it but rather because the boys refuse to leave the field. Top Gun sessions are intense. Player development is key as they are thought the finer aspects of the sport. Game nights are where the boys get to see the difference between recreational and competitive soccer. They get to display what they’ve picked up during the many practices and Top Gun sessions. Game nights are the high point of the week. A showcase of talent is displayed in front of friends and family. Wins, losses or draws don’t really matter. It’s all about the boys playing a sport they love.
Young Stars…Superstars !!!