The Icebreaker tournament hosted by the Ottawa Internationals held in Ottawa 30th-31st of May, 2015 presented an excellent opportunity for the U-14 L3 Boys to demonstrate their skills, and they did not disappoint!  In a tournament filled with excellent teams from Ontario and Quebec, the caliber was extremely high. And, with shorter games, all the players had to be focused in order to progress.


The first day presented difficult conditions for the teams: a hot day with driving winds made the games less predictable and luckily later in the evening the torrential rain did not manage to dampen the team’s spirit.  Several of the games finished tied and the penalty shots phase was exciting!  One of those shoot outs saw both teams’ entire line-up take shots but in the end our Keeper, Geordie Sumners, kept his cool and saved the day!  The results of the first day set the team up for success on day 2.


The second day’s weather, while quite cold, saw no wind, allowing the team to dominate the first game.  Their new formation and the emphasis on control of the ball were evident in the domination of the other team. The second game of the day saw both teams evenly matched, and a loss left our team having to play again in an attempt to make it to the finals. An excellent third game and many yellow cards handed to the opposing team did not distract our team from their objective and a win secured a place in the finals. As the boys prepared for the final game, snacks, trail mix and Perrier, fuelled the team to a fast start, and inspired substitutions resulted in early goals and sustained pressure.  The team succeeded in winning the final game and the tournament, 3-1, over a skilled and classy team from St Hubert, Quebec.


Though early in the season, the U14 L3 team is already demonstrating great promise, skill, and team work.  Success will breed success and the Flames are well on their way to bonding into a serious contender for season success!  Special thanks are owed to coaches Omar, Frank, and Dave as well as Manager Kim for their unfailing support, positivity and attention to detail that made this such a great, and successful, team outing!