From Left to Right: Tory Crombie, Rocco Barresi, Angelina Crombie, Jihane Rahimi, Sophia Rahimi, Shannon Holder, Maya Cassis, Manel Oudjida, Lauren Alexander, Ryan Harrington, Sophie Burt, Boris Bajagic

As the sun sets on another beautiful evening after our LKP program comes to a close, our female coaches, Youth Director (Rocco), and Club Head Coach (Boris) pose for the camera.

The Hotspurs are certainly leading the way when it comes to developing the future of female coaching. We currently have three females involved in the OSA Female Mentorship Program: Past (Manel Oudjida), Present (Lauren Alexander), Future (Alysha Bonnick). Further, coaches like Angelina Crombie and Shannon Holder have been with the Club for many years, while coaches, such as Jihane and Sophia Rahimi are newer to the Club. The Hotspurs are also very proud to have their young athletes (Sophie, Ryan, and ) volunteering their time, and further developing as coaches in their own right.