Missing players from the picture Mike SUN and Giancarlo GIUDICE.



Fantastic season everyone! Coach Mike has some words for, and about, his team:




Looking back at this season I honestly can say it was a fantastic one despite the end result. The other teams have won 2 games by default -unfair? Yes, but this is soccer!!!)


We are unbeaten in 11 games out of 14. We played the best soccer out of all the teams we played, and we scored some fantastic goals along the way. It was a joy to watch. I even forgot that I was coaching, and behaved like a fan. In fact, I was, and still, am your number one fan.


Top Scorer of the league is: Mo Barry (20 goals)

Best keeper of the league is: Andrew Ives (4 clean sheets)


I have mentioned to you that you are my forth U18 generation, and by far you are the best. I will never forget each and every one of you.


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be your coach.



Thoughts about you!!!


Andrew IVES Best keeper in the league with 4 clean sheets, fantastic saves and very brave…Excellent team player as well “My scorer keeper”

Bryan MOORE Mr. reliable performed 130% in every position he played. “My utility player”


Davidson MONDESIR I could write an entire book about you, you are an inspiration to me. I hope you didn’t mind using you for my team talk. ” I love you man”


Ebrahim ALARIKY Tenacious with a fantastic left foot. I will always remember that fantastic goal… “Stay out of trouble”


Gamal ALARIKY “Double trouble” speed and skills to match.
Giancarlo GIUDICE Aggressive, brave and a winner. Shoulder injury restricted you this season. Next year can’t come fast enough to prove your skill!


Jake STORY You are the best. We missed you.


Kevin MOORE Powerful, Leader and lead by example. Excellent decision making and hates to lose.. “That is the way I like it”


Krystian WOJCICKI Safety first man, never take a risk, with a little bit of speed you will be the best center back of the future.


Kyle VILLON I am so glad that I took the chance on you. You proved me right. Fantastic work ethics. Don’t be shy on the burgers 😉


Liam ST.JOHN You have the skills to get you right to the top, keep at it!!!


Luis SANTINI Someday Naymar will wear your shirt “Santini”. I was really impressed by your fitness level this summer. Stay focus on the game and always keep calm.


Matthias BROWN You showed good things of what you can achieve by working hard. STAY the course…


Mike SUN The fittest guy I have ever worked with. Very powerful, very agile. We lost you at the wrong time…


Mohamed BARRY I fought to bring you on and you’ve never disappointed me. You are the top scorer and the player of the season…”Simply the best”


Rony STIVENSON Oh Stive… take a leaflet from Davidson…We missed you in the wrong time as well…


Ryan STORY A leader, an engine and very confidant young man… “Simply a hero”


Youjun LI You are my biggest surprise and what a great surprise. You have exceeded my expectation. You made the right back position your own even with a bad ankle….


Yulin ZHOU I have seen 200% improvement. This rarely happens, and it can only explained by desire, hunger and hard work. You can only get better from here… “King of assists”