Hello Members!


I am excited to announce the first event of 2016 for the Female Development Program!

We will be hosting a Networking and Information Night on Tuesday February 23rd at 7pm at the Ron Kolbus Lakeside Centre. At this event we will be sharing in depth information about the rest of the events this year, gather feedback about what people want out of the Female Development Program and network with other females in the soccer community! If that’s not enough to convince you to attend, we will also have pizza!


We would like to extend the invitation to all Club Head Coaches, Technical Directors, Administrators Club Head Referees/Assigners in addition to all female coaches, players and referees.


We ask clubs to pass this along to all members in their clubs and encourage people to attend. We are also looking for clubs to send or bring any information for people who are interested in playing for your club, coaching in your club or refereeing in your programs. Your support of the Female Development Program is crucial to the success of it. You have the direct contact to the players that could become coaches or referees.

If you plan on attending, please sign up through this link: 



We would also like to announce that we looking for females who would be interested in attending the Ontario Soccer Association Soccer Summit March 4-6 2016. We are looking to support local females in their development as referees or coaches and assist them in attending the summit. We are asking anyone who is interested in attending that would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend to please email Chelsea Norris at manager@ocslonline.ca with the following information:

–          Name

–          Club

–          Whether a coach or referee

–          Level of coaching or refereeing

–          Which session at the summit they are most excited to attend and why

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting started on developing and supporting females in the EODSA! I have attached a poster for the Networking event to assist in the promotion of it.


Chelsea Norris

EODSA Female Development Program