Refund Policy


  1. The Club commits to facilities and resources once registration numbers are determined. These expenses are not recoverable to the Club if/when a member withdraws.
  2. This policy only applies to registration fees paid directly to the Club.
  3. The Club shall not be responsible for any monies paid to a team, team coach or team official and the Club shall not entertain request for any such refunds.
  4. All Refund Requests must be made in writing to the Club Office by the individual who paid the fee(s) via the Club’s on-line refund request procedure and form. Requests submitted by email, phone or in person will not be accepted without the refund request form.
  5. The amount of any refund will be at the Club’s discretion.


COVID-19 Policy

Due to the current COVID crisis, we can only offer credit refunds at this time.

Season Ending injury

The refund request form must be accompanied by a(n) accident report from your team coach and a note from a certified physician. A refund will be issued minus the deducted fees listed below.

Full Refunds

  • Requests received before the first training session and/or game of the season.
  • Will be issued in the event the Club is unable to field a team or provide a suitable alternative before the first training session.

Partial Refunds

  • 50% less the deducted fees listed below.
  • requests received after the first training session and/or game of the season for the team or program.

 No Refunds

  • requests received after June 15th (summer season) and November 15th (winter season).
  • No refunds will be issued if a player is suspended or expelled from the Club under the Club’s Discipline of a Member Policy.
  • No refunds will be issued if a player has been disciplined by one or more governing soccer organization(s), the club or has outstanding debts to the club.
  • If a player transfers to another club after being registered by the Hotspurs with the governing soccer organizations.

Tryout and/or Assessment Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Refund requests for $20 or less if approved will only be provided as a credit in your Hotspurs online account.

Deducted Fees

  1. Administrative fee $35;
  2. all affiliation fees paid to Ontario Soccer, EODSA and CSA, etc;
  3. credit card charges incurred by the club on the initial payment (if applicable);
  4. a prorated amount based on the number of weeks from the start date to the date of the request; and
  5. any unpaid amounts owed to the Club will be deducted from the refund before it is paid (i.e. fines or previous registrations).


  1. Refund requests will be processed within four weeks of receiving the request form.
  2. Approved Refunds will be mailed in the form of a cheque to the address provided on the Refund Request Form.

Please click here to access the Refund Request Form.

To request a refund please fill out the Refund Request Form and forward it to Please attach any relevant documentation.