Club Awards

Alex and Mary Foti – Volunteer of the Year Award

In 2013 the Club established the “Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award” in honour or Alexander and Mary Foti. The Fotis served the Club for many years as volunteers during the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s.  Alex was Club President on three separate occasions, Club Registrar, Director of Seniors, Youth Division Coordinator and Team Coach during this period.  Mary served as Club Treasurer taking care of equipment, uniforms, and managing the Club finances to a surplus by the end of the 1980’s.  In 1997 Alex and Mary were awarded the City of Nepean “Citizens of the Year Award”.  Alex for his work as founding member and volunteer with the Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club as long time members of the Club’s Board of Directors.  Mary for her tireless devotion and commitment to the Club in conducting the daily Club activities as Registrar and Treasurer.  Mary’s was a valued, cherished, tireless and committed volunteer that everyone who knew her was proud to be associated with.

2019 Winner

The 2019 Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Melissa Lebel. Melissa played a huge role in the success of the Boys U13 team gladly and without hesitation she volunteered as team manager taking on every aspect of organizing activities and keeping everyone informed. She organized tournaments, game day field prep, carpool transportation to away games, game paperwork, card checks, uniforms, equipment etc… She also made roster checks ahead of each game ensuring that we had a sound roster with call-ups available if required. Melissa allowed the coaches to strictly focus on coaching. And most importantly, she made the season a real fun experience for the boys.

2018 Winner

The 2018 Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Giovanni Toscano.  Similar to the dedication demonstrated by our team Dynamite girls, this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award, goes to someone who has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes. He was the assistant manager and treasurer for the Girls U10 T1B Dynamites.  All season he supported the coach, team manager and the team as a whole. Giovanni looked after the team’s book keeping, registered the team for tournaments, handled all fees, assisted the coach in running practices, stepped in and coached games when needed collected and managed all fees for several team events attended by the team.  Giovanni was present at most games and practices and addressed many questions and concerns from the parents and advocated for any concerns the team had.  In addition on Tuesday evenings during the summer he helped out with the recreational program by coaching an under nine girl’s team.

2017 Winner

The Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Jennifer Parato. Similar to the dedication demonstrated by our girls, this year’s Volunteer Of The Year Award, goes to someone who has also worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Jennifer made us feel part of the “organization,” and backed that up by offering to manage the two new Red and White teams, as well as help to mentor others in their various new roles of support. And she did this despite the fact that she also had management responsibilities for a U15 team. To be able to perform at such a high level requires more than just desire, it requires commitment. Going from a 12 player roster in 2016 to a pool of 32 players this year, she oversaw every detail. Beyond that, this individual was proactive in her efforts to ensure the best possible experience for our girls, by helping the new coaching staff to focus on what we do best; coach. So when you think of all of the games, tournaments and all of the many, many practices and events – including this evening, know that this person’s supportive hand was a big part of our experience and success in 2017. And so I would like to ask you for your hands now to show your appreciation for Jennifer Parato.

2016 Winners

The Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to David Holder & Pam Williamson.

2015 Winner

The Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Rocco Barresi. Rocco has given of his talents, time and resources to support competitive youth and adult teams, club events, leagues and just about anything he is asked to do. In the last 12 months Rocco has served the Club as: Vice President, Director – Girls Competitive, Club Discipline Chair, Top Gun Coach, Program Coordinator – Grassroots Soccer (LKP and IDP), along with supporting the Friendship Tournament. Rocco is the face of the Club for our 4 – 11 recreational grassroots program. His dedication to the programs and compassion for the players and their parents is un-paralled.

2014 Winner

The Alex and Mary Foti Volunteer of the Year Award was presented to Gregory Elliott.  Greg has been a long-time supporter of the Club.  His is currently a member of the Board and spends many hours supporting the events and activities of the Club.  He also represents the Club on the Boards of the South Side Soccer League and the Ottawa Carleton Soccer League.  Greg is always the first one to step up and help support senior teams, youth recreational teams and is always there when needed to get things done.

2013 Winners

The Award was presented to Alex and Mary Foti as a show of respect and appreciation for their immense contribution to the establishment of the Club as a model for all other clubs to emulate.

President’s Cup

In 2006 the Club introduced the President’s Cup which is awarded to a boys and a girls youth competitive team that “Promotes the Nepean Hotspurs values of teamwork, sportsmanship, competitiveness and an appreciation for the game of soccer.”

2019 Winners

Under 11 Girls Tier 1 Coach – Fawn Mulholland

Under 13 Boys Tier 1 Coaches Carmelo Natoli and Marty Lauter

2018 Winners

Under 11 Girls – Strikers  – Coach Angelina Crombie

Under 9 Boys – Mini-Eagles – Coach Adnan Paputcu

2017 Winners

Under 12 Girls – Colibri  – Coach Bran Mogin

Under 11 Boys – Youngstars – Coach Anthony Manzi

2016 Winners

Under 17/18 Girls – Fusion – Coaches Phil Teske  
Under 12T1 Boys – Red Devils – Coach Rob Peixoto

2015 Winners

Under 16 Girls – Inferno – Coach Rob Peixoto 

Under 13 Boys – Eagles – Coach Adnan Paputcu

2014 Winners

Co-winner – Girls
Under 11 Girls Rockets – Coach Jimmy Tedesco
Under 13 Girls OPDL – Coach Adam Knight

Under 13 Boys OPDL – Coach Duane Barker

2013 Winners

Under 15 Girls Hotspurs Heat – Coach John Davidson
Under 11 Boys Hotspurs Strikers – Coach Hans van der Schoot

2012 Winners

Co-winnners – Girls
Under 15 Girls Hotspurs Octane97 – Coaches Adam Knight and Francis Onyalo
Under 14 Girls Hotspurs Elite99s – Coach Joe Martello

Under 15 Boys Hotspurs Knights – Coach Vladimir Stefanovic

2011 Winners

Under 11 Girls Hotspurs Hurricanes – Coaches Rocco and Jamie Barresi
Under 17 Boys Hotspurs Hitmen – Coach Rob Peixoto

2010 Winners

Under 16 Girls Hotspurs Lightning – Coach Adam Knight
Under 16 Boys Hotspurs Hitmen – Coach Rob Peixoto

2009 Winners

Under 11 Girls Hotspurs Heat – Coach John Davidson
Under 9 Boys Hotspurs Hurricanes – Coach Tom Chiykowski

2008 Winners

Under 9 Girls Hotspurs Hearts – Coaches Joanne and Brian Delahunt
Under 11 Boys Hotspurs Knights – Coach Zoran Dujkovic

2007 Winners

Co-winnners – Girls
Under 13 Girls Hotspurs 93 Devils Premier Team – Coach Andre Maragh
Under 12 Girls Hotspurs Selects Premier Team – Coach Louis Maneiro

Co-winners – Boys
Under 11 Boys Hotspurs Devils Premier Team- Coach Milan Uzelac
Under 12 Boys Hotspurs Stallions Regional Team – Coach Franco Martello

2006 Winners

Under 12 Girls Hotspurs Lightning Regional Team – Coach Ed Morrison
Under 11 Boys Hotspurs Daredevils – Coach Phil Anselmo