About Nepean Hotspurs

Who Are We?

In 2015, the Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club celebrated 45 years of community service. A remarkable achievement resulting from the efforts of countless volunteers providing the structure for thousands of players at all ages and skill levels, wearing our distinctive red and white stripes, playing the beautiful game.

Under the technical leadership of club head coach Boris Bajagic (CSA National ‘A’ License), the Hotspurs have worked to develop a culture of coaching excellence in order to enhance the development of all of our members.

The Club has had many successes and we have been privileged to have Charmaine Hooper, Lyndon Hooper and Kristina Kiss wear our colours during their career. Many of our alumni have gone on to outstanding careers at colleges and universities across North America. While we take pride in their achievements, we take greater pride in introducing the “beautiful game” to thousands of players and delivering quality programs to players of all ages and skill levels.


Our Club Crest

Hotspurs logo

Our club crest speaks to our heritage, and points the way to our future. Its elements – a knight’s helmet and knight’s spur, a soccer ball, a maple leaf, our name and a date – 1970.  The knight’s helmet and spur remind us of Sir Henry Percy, also called Harry Hotspur, who was born in 1364. Knighted at the age of 11, immortalized by Shakespeare as a legendary warrior and hero, Henry Percy, earned his nickname “Hotspur” through his bravery in battle and his desire to lead – as was said almost 700 years ago, he had a “hotspur” for the fight. We proudly share this name with Tottenham Hotspur, or ‘Spurs, of the English Premiership, whose famed White Hart Lane Stadium stands on land once owned by the Percy family.

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