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December 2015

Happy Holidays Fury Fanatics

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Hey Fury Fanatics!   After a year of hard work, The Ottawa Fury FC is enjoying their off season at the moment and new Head Coach Paul Dalglish is getting his squad ready for another Championship push next year. Meanwhile, their neighbours across the hall, the Ottawa 67’s are still going strong and in the [...]

Make Time For Play: How To Balance Structured And Unstructured Play

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All credit goes to  SARAH PROWSE and original article may be found here: LINK. Every day, you make dozens of decisions to support your child’s health, wellbeing, growth and development. Some decisions are big and some are small. When it comes to organized recreation and leisure time activities, the choices can be overwhelming—what to choose becomes [...]

Provincially Identified Nepean Hotspurs OPDL Players

By |2017-08-02T07:56:56-04:00December 1st, 2015|OPDL|

Over the last two weeks players from across Ontario traveled to Toronto for the Provincial Screening Weekend Competition, and to be scouted by both the OSA technical staff and OPDL technical staff in an 11v11 game environment over two games of sixty minutes each. Players would be competing against other identified OPDL players. Identified players [...]

Why are we talking about winning or losing when we should be talking about learning?

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All credit goes to the original article found here: LINK. When vigorously promoted competition prematurely intrudes on play, it diverts the attention of the children from their still growing bodies. It robs them of the space they need to explore their strengths, their weaknesses, their endurance, their agility, their -capacity to think in movement in [...]