Nepean Hotspurs Values

The Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club believes that every sport experience should be a Quality Sport experience.

The Club’s programs and services will reflect the principles of quality sport. Quality sport is welcoming and inclusive, safe and well-run and technically sound. Quality sport leads to positive sport attitudes and ultimately to life-long participation in sport.

  • Welcoming and inclusive means that the Club’s programs and services are fun, participant centered, are able to maintain an individual’s sport involvement based on interest and capabilities, encourage participant diversity, consider affordability and actively welcome participants.
  • Safe and well-run means that the Club’s programs and services are safe, well-organized and outcome oriented, well-governed and managed, and financially sound.
  • Technically sound means that the Club’s programs and services are developmentally appropriate to the individual and team, progressive and challenging, properly calendar-planned, guided by proper rules and officials and lead by capable, knowledge and qualified leaders and certified coaches.

The Nepean Hotspurs believe in the development of the whole person.

The Club’s policies and programs will reflect the Club’s recognition that the game of soccer is just one part of a person’s life experience and that other forms of quality sport and physical activity are valuable and contribute to the complete development of a person.

The Nepean Hotspurs believe a quality sport experience includes a quality customer experience.

The Club’s policies and programs will reflect its commitment to a good customer experience. The Club will be friendly, responsive, communicative, accurate, balanced and timely.

The Nepean Hotspurs believe it has a responsibility to be a good community partner and leader.

The Club respects and values that it is a vital part of the community of Nepean and the City of Ottawa and that it has a responsibility to partner with the municipality and other organizations that share the Clubs’ values.

The Club also feels that it must be a leader in the promotion of quality sport at the community level. The Club will actively collaborate with other organizations to foster the development of the whole person and put the interests of the participant at the centre of every consideration. Through its commitment to quality sport, it will be a model for sport programs and services, inspire others.