The Top Gun Training Program was created by the Nepean Hotspurs Soccer Club for young players with a commitment to further develop their skills and ability to play the game of soccer. The Program is an advanced soccer training session run once a week during the season. Each team will have the opportunity to train with the assistance of one of the clubs top coaches. All Nepean Hotspurs competitive teams, ages 9-16 years old playing at the highest level of their respective age group are eligible to participate in Top Gun. The Top Gun Program will provide oral and written evaluations for each player at the end of the Program upon request.

The program is designed according to Ontario Soccer and CSA model of individual player development called “Four Corners of Player Development” targeting player’s physical, technical, social and psychological skills necessary for successful performance and competition. The Program is based on high performance soccer training adjusted for each age group using GAG (Game-Activity-Game) method.

The major focus of the Top Gun sessions will be:

  1. Conditioning, Fitness and Developing of Fast Reaction
  2. Technical Ability
  3. Principles of Play
  4. Functional Sessions

The Summer season runs April to August (15 weeks) and the Winter season runs November to February (12 weeks). The Summer sessions begin in April on indoor turf and will move outside to grass fields from May through August.

The Top Gun Program also has a goalkeeper component for all Goalkeepers on Hotspurs Competitive teams enrolled in the program. Additional Goalkeeper training is also available for all Hotspurs goalkeepers throughout the year.

The Top Gun Program is not only beneficial to the players but also to the coaches. The Hotspurs Competitive Coaches will receive mentoring from the club’s top coaches throughout the program. This will help provide our coaches with additional education and experience to assist in acquiring higher level certification in the future.

Top Gun Coaches:

Club Head Coach Boris Bajagic – Canadian Soccer National A licensed coach, Ontario Soccer Master Coach Developer and Evaluator

Duane Barker – Canadian National B licensed coach

Rocco Barresi – pre-B Licensed coaches

Certified OSA Goalkeepers Coaches